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Web Development

Our coding experts converts designs into rich, interactive websites that are easy for visitors to use and for clients to maintain.

We make sites that our clients can easily access and make instant changes, by using open-source content management systems and tools. We provide tutorials, lessons, and are happy to hold your hand as you learn how to make the magic happen on your own.

Our Expertise: Content Management Systems

Open source CMS that we use

The major open source tools we use for web development are:

Since its release in 2003, WP has grown manifold in popularity, with simplicity and flexibility as its main USP; WP today forms backbone to millions of websites. It is estimated that 27.5% of top million websites use WP. The easy SEO optimization, easy content management, thousands of themes and over 40,000 plugins makes WP a default choice for many website platform.

Drupal again a free open source CMS has been a choice of over a million websites, because of two main reasons – business security and Enterprise-class scalability. It is used for a variety of websites ranging from personal blogs to corporate, political, and government websites. People also use Drupal for knowledge management systems.

Joomla is another widely used free open source platform with diverse extensions and templates. It is flexible, extremely customizable and is often used by emerging businesses as well as large organizations.

Many CMS like WP have plug-ins for e-commerce feature, but Magento is one of those which was developed specifically for e-commerce sites. This makes Magento as the default CMS for the majority of ecommerce developers around the globe. The Magento CMS is focused at creating attractive and robust ecommerce websites. It offers out-of-the box capabilities with excellent ready to use themes while allowing flexibility and capability to customize with own code.

OpenCart is an open-source, downloadable shopping cart that is free to use. Based on PHP, OpenCart follows a core plus extensions model. Out of the box, it is a light platform and requires add-ons in order to perform higher level functions.

This is another platform for e-commerce sites, though not so popular with around 13,000 registered sites. This is Open source, free to use, and is self-hosted e-commerce platform. It can take care of both the front-end store catalog – i.e. products – and the back-end management tasks (like adding products, descriptions, prices and discounts etc.).

The Others Options for E-commerce Website

Is not exactly a CMS, but e-commerce plugin for WordPress. There are many plugins available but Woocommerce is the most popular and best amongst them WooCommerce is free and has everything one need to get Wordpress-based e-commerce business up and running. It lets you set up an online storefront on an existing website without all the fuss and costs of e-commerce software.

Volusion is one of the leading hosted ecommerce platforms. They provide a fully cloud-based ecommerce shopping platform. The company offers all the basic functions needed to operate an online store. They focus on providing a full toolkit for ecommerce owners who want a hosted solutions. Their features are strong on the operational side of an ecommerce store (ie, inventory management, customer management, etc) as compared to marketing related features.

Demandware is a cloud-based ecommerce platform (is subscription based and not free) The primary advantage of using DemandWare is that it is very simple to support relative to traditional solutions. Also DemandWare solutions can be implemented in a shorter timeframe because many of the infrastructure constraints present in traditional models are abstracted in their SaaS environment.

VirtueMart is an Open Source E-Commerce solution (essentially a component ) for the Joomla CMS. It can be run either as a Shopping Cart or in Catalog mode. Written in PHP it is free to download and use.

Bigcommerce is an e-commerce platform; one of the more popular cloud based SAAS shopping cart software packages used by thousands of small business to run online stores.

Launched in 2007, it is an open source shopping cart, free to download and use. It claims to support over 250,000 online store owners with a simple, efficient and user-friendly cloud-hybrid ecommerce solution.

Examples of our Work

Web Developmentin Delhi NCR, India

Our development team evaluates your online business objectives and offers unique solutions tailored to meet your exact e-commerce website requirement.

We deliver full-fledged e-commerce sites that are integrated with a number of features, including taxation, shipping services, payment gateways, scalability, superior e-commerce platform design and SEO friendliness; making your online shop a class apart.

Our clients can choose from wide range of e-commerce platforms in line with their business model, scale, customer profile and product range and budgets.

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